Minn Kota Terrova 55

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Quick Overview

$55 i-Pilot rebate valid through 6/1/15. Click for details.

If you're serious about catching fish, Terrova offers an array of tools to help make the most of your time on the water. All Terrova models are compatible with Minn Kota's Autopilot, CoPilot and iPilot technology, which let you to spend less time worrying about boat control and more time casting. The unique stow/deploy lever allows for one-handed motor deployment. A standard electric pedal offers hands-free motor control for fast and effortless maneuvering. Combined with Minn Kota's host of other features such as Digital Maximizer and their patented Weedless Prop, Terrova will help you catch more fish than ever before.


Minn Kota Terrova

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  • Optional i-Pilot Remote
  • Optional i-Pilot Remote
  • Optional i-Pilot LInk Remote
  • i-Pilot Link Remote
  • Terrova Foot Pedal
  • Terrova Release
  • Terrova Mount
  • Terrova Stow and Deploy
  • Minn Kota Terrova with Foot Pedal
  • Minn Kota Terrova with optional i-Pilot
  • Optional i-Pilot LInk Motor head
  • Digital Maximizer
  • Weedless Wedge
  • Composite Shaft
  • Minn Kota Terrova
  • Push to Test Battery

Additional Information

Recommended for: Small to medium freshwater v-hull, bass, pontoon and general fishing boats up to 17.5'. The 55 lbs thrust motor is recommended for boats weighing up to 2,750lbs. For more help picking the right thrust level - or to learn how much your boat weighs - please refer to our thrust guide.
How It's Unique: The Terrova series is a step-up from the Powerdrive V2 line of motors. While both models are compatible with AutoPilot/CoPilot/i-Pilot/i-Pilot Link accessories, only the Terrova line offers the ability to use a foot pedal AND a wireless CoPilot or i-Pilot controller simultaneously. Additionally, Terrova includes a unique mount that features an easy-to-use lever for one-hand stowing of the trolling motor and offers thrust options of 55, 80 and 112 lbs. For a better understanding of foot pedal compatibility, please see our Foot Pedal Compatibility Chart. For a comparison between the Terrova and PowerDrive V2 motors please our Comparison Guide.

We recommend the PowerDrive V2 trolling motor for fishermen who are looking for a value-priced motor that is compatible with AutoPilot/CoPilot/i-Pilot/i-Pilot Link accessories and don't need to simultaneously control the motor with a foot pedal. PowerDrive v2 is available in 45, 50, 55 and 70 lb thrust levels.
Water Type: Freshwater Only
Shaft Length(s): Shaft lengths of 45" and 54" are available for Terrova 55 motors. For help selecting a shaft length, please see our shaft guide.
Motor Features: Variable Speed Motor, Electric Foot Pedal, Digital Maximizer, Built-In Battery Gauge, Weedless Wedge Prop, Composite Shaft. (Learn about these features)
Available Upgrades:

Additional Information

Mounting Details: This motor is bolted directly to the bow of the boat using the included mounting hardware, and requires drilling into the boat for installation. Ideally, it's best to have access to the underside of the mounting platform in order to secure and fasten the bolting hardware. However, if accessing the underside is impossible you can use no access bolts to secure the motor from the top. For more information see our compatibility and mounting guides.
Mount Dimensions: 13.94" length x 8.52" width
Bolting Pattern: Download Bolting Pattern
Wiring Details: Terrova 55 can be wired directly to the batteries, and can also be used in conjunction with a plug and receptacle for a cleaner, more professional installation that's easy to remove. To protect your motor from damage, a circuit breaker is also recommended but is not required for installation.
Motor Voltage and Batteries: Terrova 55 is a 12 volt motor and requires (1) 12-volt marine battery. For more information, see our articles on battery selection or battery wiring diagrams.
Power Lead Length: 5 Feet
Pedal Cord Length: 18 Feet
What Is Included:
  • Terrova V2 55 trolling motor
  • Foot pedal and/or remote (depending on model selected)
  • Power leads
  • Mounting hardware
  • Owners manual
What Else Is Required: 1 Marine Battery, Battery Charger, Circuit Breaker (Recommended)

Additional Information

Amperage Draw: 50 amps at maximum speed
Motor Run Time: Important Note: As you likely won't be running your trolling motor perpetually, the actual amount of on-the-water time a motor should allow will be substantially longer than times listed. Actual motor run time can vary depending on conditions (winds, waves, etc) and the type of battery used. Listed below are run-time estimates assuming a 100 amp hour rated battery. To learn more, please see our article on calculating motor run time.

  • 20+ Hours: At slow, trolling speeds that draw 5 amps or less
  • 4 Hours: Approx. run time with throttle 50% open
  • 2 Hours: Approx. run time with the motor at full throttle
Stow and Deploy Method: Terrova's Deploy-Assist lever makes it easy to deploy the motor by squeezing a lever, raising the shaft and deploying it into the water. When not in use, the shaft and head can be quickly removed from the water and laid on the deck for storage.
Motor Steering Method: The motor is steered via the included foot pedal which can control motor speed and direction. If the CoPilot or i-Pilot accessories are purchased, Terrova can also be controlled via wireless remote control. Note: If a CoPilot or i-Pilot wireless remote is installed, the foot pedal will function. The Terrova is the only Minn Kota motor that offers the ability to use a foot pedal AND a wireless CoPilot or i-Pilot controller simultaneously.
Shaft Adjustment: An adjustable depth collar makes it easy to set how deep the shaft and propeller sit in the water.
Motor Speed: All Terrova motors have a variable speed motor. Learn more about fixed vs. variable speed motors.

Additional Information

Owners Manual: Download Here
Warranty Period: Two Years
Warranty Details: The motor's composite shaft caries a lifetime guarantee. If it's ever broken - regardless of the circumstances - Minn Kota will replace it at no charge. The rest of the motor caries a two year warranty backed up by hundreds of local Minn Kota service centers across the country. View Details Here
Box Dimensions: Box dimensions and weight vary by motor:

Model 1358800 - 10"H x 19"W x 71"L WT: 54.0lbs
Model 1358801 - 10"H x 19"W x 71"L WT: 54.0lbs
Model 1358853 - 10"H x 19"W x 70"L WT: 55.9lbs
Model 1358854 - 10"H x 20"W x 72"L WT: 55.0lbs
Model 1358855 - 10"H x 20"W x 72"L WT: 55.0lbs

Motor Overview

Customer Reviews

2014 Lund Impact 1675

Review by Steve
Overall Rating
I just received my new Terrova trolling motor and have had it in the water 3 or 4 times so far. There is a lot to learn with the I-pilot and Auto Pilot but the general operation has been flawless for me. It's very handy that you can use the foot control AND the remote hand control. You can use one then the other or even both at the same time! Which I have done a lot as I learn how this thing responds to commands.
I'd recommend TrollingMotors.net to anyone considering purchasing a new trolling motor or accessory without any hesitation. I live in a rural area and we don't have any stores in the area that even come close to selling the higher end products like the Terrova, so regardless I was going to need to order from somewhere and I spent a lot of time reviewing online stores and TrollingMotors.net had good reviews and prices and their customer service is second to none! Period. I had a question and dropped an Email over the weekend and I received a response back that same day! Shipping was very fast, the motor arrived in 3 days and they personally followed up with me to ensure I was happy and had no issues. I won't hesitate to return for any future purchases from these guys. (Posted on June 30, 2014)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)

Alumacraft Classic 16Ft GVW about 1300 lbs.

Review by Jack Bogrand
Overall Rating
I am 71 years old and trained in electronics so am pretty comfortable with technology and wiring things properly. I bought the Minn Kota Terrova 55 lb. thrust with the i-Pilot and US2 (Universal Sonar transducer) options to replace the original Evinrude trolling motor that was too small to handle wind and current on the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers here in Minnesota.

I knew I would have to add another deep cycle battery and rewire from the #10 AWG for the existing motor to 20 feet of #6 AWG marine grade stranded wire for this new motor. Luckily a neighbor had a hammer-driven crimper to put lugs on this really large wire as I hadn't considered this crimping issue and that my #10 - #22 AWG crimper was never going to handle the job! And, as you will see, I had a lot of lugs to crimp by the time I got through with my special wiring needs.

When I received the motor (great shipping, handling and tracking by TROLLINGMOTORS.NET's Clayton when the package got held up in winter snow storms) in pristine condition and read the "Boat Wiring Instructions Supplement" (yes, I do read all documentation before I begin) I found that my plan to just hook up the new motor like the old one was just changed.

The supplement is very clear that the electrical ground (negative terminals) between the trolling motor battery and fish finder battery should NOT be connected together as this could cause electrical interference (RFI) on the FF . It also states this US2 equipped motor should not be connected to anything but a Minn Kota alternator type charging system or a "direct short" could be caused in the Minn Kota motor.

I needed my Evinrude Etech that has a 25 amp alternator output to be able to charge the trolling motor battery during week-long trips to Canadian wilderness lakes where no electricity is available for running a charger. Simple solution, I wired two high current switches, ($15 each rather than one double-pole high-power switch at $110) one to switch the trolling and power battery grounds together, the other to switch the positive terminals together. Then all I have to do is FIRST UNPLUG the trolling motor, THEN switch the two battery switches on and the Evinrude can charge the trolling battery. THEN FIRST switch the two battery switches OFF, THEN plug in the trolling motor and I'm back in action.

Two days ago I took my new trolling motor out on the Mississippi River Pool #4 at the Wisconsin side of the Red Wing dam. The current was almost too swift to get a 3/4 oz. jig down to the bottom but the Terrova motor kept me in position, once I learned not to use the Spot Lock with all the other 45 boats around me. I'll be using the Spot Lock when I am in an area where there is more than 10 feet between boats!

After trolling for about 4 hours, mostly high speed, I was down almost half discharged so I unplugged the TM, switched the battery switches on, and drove back to the boat landing. The TM battery was fully charged by the time I got back. This morning both batteries read 12.57 volts (when disconnected from each other). I'm ready for the Canadian wilderness!! Thanks TROLLINGMOTORS.NET and Minn Kota Technical Services for great support and a great product.
(Posted on March 22, 2014)
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Champion 16'

Review by Randy
Overall Rating
I have used the regular type motors for many years as this is my 4th boat and I am over 50. This thing is KILLER for crappie and that type of fishing (and I mean KILLER), including trolling. It takes a little getting used too for bass fishing but I am getting better. The reason I say that is all fishermen who cast lures knows what it means to be hang in the shallow water next to the bank and since, the motor head/blade is turned by an electric motor is is a little slower than the cable type (this is the reason for the 4 instead of 5).

That is the only minus right now but the positives are so numerous I think this will be one of my best buys. You can control the trolling motor from the bank (if you want too), dock or where ever you want to sit in your boat. That anchor feature is GREAT along with cruse control and more. It seems like I am using it much more than the other types because you have so much more control now. You would think it is hard on the battery but so far it is not bad at all. Good job Minn Kota! (Posted on November 30, 2013)
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Not sure which model to choose? Learn more about proper shaft length or motor features.
Model Shaft Features Control Motor Volts Price
1358801 54'' Standard Foot Pedal Variable 12V
In Stock
1358854 45'' i-Pilot and US2 Sonar i-Pilot Remote and Pedal Variable 12V
1358853 54'' i-Pilot and US2 Sonar i-Pilot Remote and Pedal Variable 12V
In Stock
1358855 54'' i-Pilot Link and US2 Sonar i-Pilot Link Remote and Pedal Variable 12V
In Stock